Computer Art 3

In my cyanotype I wanted to create a heavy contrast between the object and words with the background. To make it more appealing, I decided to create some movement in my objects and in the Cyanotype. I replicated the butterfly many times and arranged them in a way so it looked like it was flying away. I also gave the butterfly some texture to make it more interesting to look at. Since the beginning, I knew I wanted the cross to be the center of attention. I did that my duplicating the intersections and rotated it in a way so that it created a flower. The contrast in the middle of the flower is very strong. It easily captures the viewers eye. I added my necklace because I have a personal connection to it so I wanted to add that connection to my cyanotype.


While I was creating this project, I was facing many different question involving college. I didn't know which one I should go to and what major I should go into. In the beginning, I envisioned a darker scene to show my feelings but before I finished the project I finally made a choice on a college. Instead of having Pandora's Box show gloominess and fear, I decided to have light be realized. The light shows the relief and the pressure that has been lifted off me because I finally know what I want to do in my life. In order to stress my future plans, I made sure that the background contained a trail that leads off to the distance. Overall, I feel like this piece really shows my thoughts and feelings about the future.

Rebirth of Hope


Windshield Wipers

The necklace my mom got me from Sedona, Arizona inspired me to create this. A native American Indian Woman created my glass necklace. The bright colors were very appealing and beautiful. My mom also got handmade dreamcatchers for my siblings. Dream catchers were created by a spider woman who created them for the children of the tribes. When the tribes became bigger and more spread out, the mothers decided to carry on that tradition and create dream catcher for their own kids. Dream catchers symbolize the circle of life and they are most commonly known for catching bad dreams and creating good dreams. I decided to use a dream catcher and makes it vibrant like my necklace. I wanted to create a piece that showed the idea of  good dreams and hopes. Therefore, I placed the dreamcatcher on me so that it looked like it was wrapped on my head. The blue jay taking off represents the freedom to dream.


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