Your Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Final Product

Final Product

“Your Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone,” doesn’t only speak to my friend Megan, the person I created this canvas for, but to many other people. This quote actually speaks to me too. This blog was originally created for a computer class, Graphic Design/Computer Art 2, that I took this past senior year. Mrs. Jasper, my teacher, greatly influenced everyone in the class to create a blog. I wasn’t motivated to create a blog for my portfolio points, although that was another motivater, but the fact that my work can be viewed by other people. I’m not sure about the other students, but for me, designing is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts verbally. I’m not one of those great speakers that can easily go up in front of people and share exactly what they think and why. It’s not me. I still have a hard time now but I think I’m improving on that. I wasn’t too thrilled to create a blog and put my work out there where people can look at and sort of understand my thoughts. Personally, I don’t like exposing so much of myself out there. But as the class went on, my teacher helped me become more comfortable about sharing my work. She might have not realized it but all the art critiques, presenting my work in the school hallways, Primavera Art Show, and Scholastic Art Awards that she had me do helped me become more comfortable and confident in my work. It was a bit exciting in fact because I rarely do anything that involved me sharing a piece of myself outside my walls. I guess this is where the quote ties in with the story. My goal in life is to become a graphic designer and in order to be known you need to get your work out there. For me, creating this blog and posting things is a big step outside my comfort zone. After my first post, I got excited and nervous. Mostly excited though! Whether you step outside your comfort zone by posting a new post on your blog, talking to new people, or finally asking out the boy you like, you’ll start feeling that you are finally living. It may sound silly but the only way to find out is to do it. Doing something outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean that you need to adjust or change your values, morals, or beliefs, but go out their in your own skin and do it. This thought helped me decided on how I should create my canvas.

My friends and I have graduated from High School. We are officially college students now. It still hasn’t hit me that I’m done with High School. The idea of going to college and leaving home seems unrealistic, even though I’ll only be 45 minutes from home. But to make the hit less painful, I decided to create each of my closest friends canvases with their favorite quote. A little piece of me that they can put on the walls of their dorm. Megan picked this quote for her canvas. In order to understand my thinking of the design you’ll need to know the background of my friend Megan. Megan and I go all the way back to 4th grade. We’ve gone on so many adventures and created so many memories out of them. Megan is probably the best dressed girl I have ever met. She is always put together. Megan, in my eyes, is the queen of all the preppy people. Probably the classiest person I know. Her style isn’t the only thing that shines, her character does too. If I ever come across a problem, she would be the first person I would talk to. I knew I had to create a canvas that fits her mood and style. I started out with a sketch and then I scanned it in onto photoshop to digitally edit it. To give the canvas the same character that Megan has, I used different fonts. To show Megan’s classiness, I used a cursive font. In photoshop, I used water color paint splashes to show Megan’s funny and outgoing character. The colors were picked by her so that the canvas matches her bed sheets that she’ll be using for her dorm room.  Here is the evolution of Megan’s Quote.

allison's scan




Touching it up

Touching it up

Also available in a laptop skin

Laptop Skin

This canvas can also be purchased on Just click the link below. Some of my other works are being sold there too.


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