Dorm Sweet Dorm

Dorm Sweet Dorm

Dorm Sweet Dorm

It’s the time of the year again for new college students to move in their dorms and figure out a way to fit all of their necessities in their small dorm rooms. College is a new beginning for many of these college students. You are finally going to study what you want to study, with an occasion of taking your required liberal art classes, but no more courses that probably put you to sleep in high school, economics. With new beginnings, comes the start of learning how to live with another person. Everyone wants a dorm to call home for the rest of the year. This is where the saying, “Dorm Sweet Dorm”, comes in. I searched online for a canvas like that. I only found cute “Home Sweet Home” posters, prints, and canvas’. I came to the conclusion that there is no design out there that I would like for my dorm, therefore I decided to create my own canvas. This is how I made this canvas a project.

Earlier this year, like every anxious new college student, I started to worry about finding a roommate. I’ve heard many stories about people rooming with people that they couldn’t stand. I didn’t want to have the same experience. I probably talked to three different girls before I came to a conclusion that my roommate, Amanda, would be the best roommate for me. We have very similar styles and we also have the same morals and values. Right from the beginning, we started to brainstorm decoration ideas for the dorm. We both loved the idea of having a nautical themed dorm room. A teal/blueish color with orange became our color theme for our dorm. We were both looking or wanting a dorm that would be neat, cute, and classy. A dorm that we love to go back to after a long busy day. Most of all, we just wanted a super cute dorm. Chevron is a pattern or design we both loved too. I decided to use it as the background of the canvas. Not only does it give the canvas a cute and classy look but it also made the background more interesting. I turned the opacity down half way because I didn’t want it to get in the way of the words or the anchor. I decided to use the anchor because it matched the nautical theme we were looking for. Originally I sketched out the anchor, like I do for all my canvas’. I scanned it onto photoshop and edited to give it the illusion of a real life anchor.

Anchor Sketch

Anchor Sketch



I also wanted to give the canvas a homey look to it. I decided to sketch the word “Sweet” to give off that feeling. I only sketched one of the “e”‘s so I could duplicate the other “e” on photoshop. I wanted to make sure that the “e”‘s were the exact same so that the word “Sweet” would have unity within it. In the end, I used one of the given fonts in photoshop for the word “Dorm”. I did alter it so it would work with the canvas. I wanted the message of the canvas to be the part that stood out the most. In order to do so, I embossed the words to give a little depth and emphasis. Finally, the canvas was completed. The best part was that I’m able to have a canvas that had all my wants and needs on it. The canvas that I was looking for, now existed. We decided to place the canvas on the windowsill so it would be the first thing people see.


Canvas Decoration




Also, here is my work place for the year. This is where I’ll be studying and designing. I decorated the wall with memories and landscapes to inspire me throughout the 1

photo 2

Hopefully, you find this canvas very appealing because if you do you can find it on my society6.


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