The City Lights

The City and I

The City and I

Here’s a poem that was inspired by the beautiful lights of Chicago. 

I stare out into the city lights

Watching how they light up the sky

The glass between the outdoors and I doesn’t drown out the city noise

I can hear taxi driver’s frustration fill the air

Buildings light up like Christmas trees

And sidewalks are filled with dreamers

I can’t help but smile

As the ache within me forms


There’s no longer glass separating us

I’m among the dreamers

The night crawlers

And I’m wandering the streets with them

The noise is intensified

And the lights are more vibrant

It’s as if I’ve fallen in love and I can’t

Shake it off

I’m consumed by it


I’m hooked

I’m under its influence

And I can’t pull myself out

And its energy has me in awe


I’m lost in it all


These sidewalks that I walk on are filled with stories

Stories of the dreamers,

The achievers,

The innovators,

The lovers,

The beggars,

The believers,

And the wanderers of the city

And I’ve become one of them


My role isn’t quiet clear

But I’m young




And confusing

And for the first time in forever

I’m okay

I’m fine that I don’t know what the future has in store for me

Because within the craziness of life

There is beauty to be found


The city knows it

For it lives through it everyday


And for a moment we’re not alone



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