Nothing Can Dim the Light that Shines from Within

The Light that Shines from Within

The Light that Shines from Within

I have been living on this earth for over 18 years and I have noticed that everyone has something unique about them. Everyone has something that shines within them. This is the light that sets us apart from the rest. Whether your light is being amazing at sports, your confidence, your kindness, your nature for helping others, your creativity, and etc, you have something unique that can be offered to the world. Sometimes people don’t realize they have a special light within them, therefore they sometimes try to have the same center as someone else. Society can easily bend your perspective of yourself. We’re continually reminded that we should buy or use such and such product so we can better ourselves or try to be more like a celebrity that is featured on the latest, hottest magazine. But none of that should influence you to change yourself because if you do, you are dimming the light that shines within you. I find this quote to be very lovely and inspiring because there is a lot of truth within it. I created this quote for my friend Annie. Her light shines very bright. When I think of Annie, I think of a very confident, bright, beautiful, and hardworking girl. But Annie’s unique light is her genuine attitude. Not many people would describe their friend as being genuine. Many of them would say she is super kind, outgoing, and so on. Even though those description do describe her too, I feel those description are over used. Genuine to me is real. Annie is real. She is real. She lives her life to the fullest and every moment in her life she is living in it. It’s hard not to be happy around her. She carries an atmosphere that warms everyone’s heart. She doesn’t let anyone opinions get to her. She does what she believes in and thats one of the characteristics that I admire the most about her. If she gives you a compliment, it’s not because she wants you to like her or is expecting a compliment in return, but because she actually means it. She’ll tell you what’s good and what’s bad. She always has her friends best interest at heart. Annie is far from being a fake, she is one of the most real person I know. Her unique light inspires me everyday and I’m blessed to have her as a friend.

Annie's old quote

Original Design

Hopefully after reading the description above, you’ll understand why this quote was hard to design. I had a difficult time creating this quote to fit Annie’s character. I went through two designs. The one above is my original one. I thought the lightbulb was a little too tacky and didn’t really fit Annie’s character. I started this design the same way I start any of my other designs, that is by sketching. Since, it’s summer I started my sketching at the pool. In the beginning I didn’t know if I wanted to blend photography with this quote or not. I started by not using photography.


After I finished the sketch, I uploaded it on photoshop and touched it up. I gave the lightbulb a lighting affect. In the end, I decided that I didn’t like it and restarted the whole design.The fake lightbulb didn’t capture Annie’s real character, therefore that was the first thing to go. I felt like the word “Light” should be in the center of attention. I gave the word “light” a handmade cursive font that I scanned in.


At that point, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, 4th of July was coming up because of the night of the 4th I watched the fireworks. Instantly, I knew I wanted to have fireworks in my work to give off the affect of light. In the beginning, I was going to have the fireworks in the background.

Firework Background

Firework Background

But then I felt like it was way too busy and took away from the words. So I embedded the fireworks in the words I felt that needed stressing. I changed the other fonts and used two different fonts that were offered in photoshop. I altered them a little to fit my design. The background at this point was a light pink. I choose pink because I knew that Annie’s Dorm would have pink and blue in it. To make the background more interesting I gave it a texture and added spots of light blue.

Without the Blue Texture

Without the Blue Texture

The Light that Shines from Within

The Light that Shines from Within

This is what the canvas looked like before and how it changed when I added the blue and texture. This canvas can also be turned into a phone case, iPad skin, ect. on my society6. Hopefully, you found this quote inspiring.


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